About Me

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My name is Greg Simmons; I’m a freelance writer and director based in London, UK.

I would (and certainly could) waffle on about all that, but let’s be honest, you’re not here to read an essay… Instead, here’s a look at some of the lovely commercial clients who have had the generous (and in no way misguided…) notion to hire me!

Commercial Clients

Take a look at the page ‘Commercials’ to see my ad work in glorious sound and colour!

Other Work

I’m not just a hired gun clipboard though. I recently completed a master’s degree in screenwriting at the London Film School and currently have two feature scripts and a number of short films to my name. Take a look at the pages ‘Shorts’ and ‘Scripts’ to find out more…

All of my personal work comes under the name of Black Pig Productions. It’s a name I stole from Captain Pugwash, but in the true spirit of pirating I’m sure he wouldn’t mind…